What began as a small dispensary in lower downtown Denver has grown into a business known for its class, comfort, and quality products.Lotus Medical has been in business since October 2009, during which time they have encountered and overcome a multitude of challenges and obstacles in an industry subject to constant change and intense oversight.

Out of these experiences, owners Erik Santus and Hung Nguyen have organically expanded their energy and expertise into providing consulting services for those interested in developing their own stake in this rapidly growing market. While finding a permanent home, they have built out 5 warehouses of their own and helped a handful of others avoid the costly mistakes they made in the process.

Lotus Consulting looks to educate business professionals and help them build a bridge between their world and the unique world of the Medical Marijuana industry. Inversely, many individuals operating with experiential knowledge of marijuana cultivation and clandestine sales need help redirecting their focus into becoming a legitimate Medical Marijuana business professional.  Along the way we found Dave Coppfer, greenhouse grower and commercial general contractor, and Ernest “Bobby” Martin, grower and warehouse engineer, to join the team and assist us in helping people succeed. We have many other partners that come in on an a la carte basis to fulfill the needs of clients that require full time skilled personnel.

Lotus is focused on quality first.  Very easy to say and very difficult to do in an industry rife with greed and short term thinking.  Come visit us and see the difference.


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