Grape Skunk (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

Grape Skunk (marijuana review, Strain Theory)

With a name like Grape Skunk, one might expect the Kool-Aid Man to burst into the room for a flavorful slap in the face. Instead, the Kool-Aid Man just politely knocked on the door.

A gram of Grape Skunk was in the cards this time. What initially struck me about the indica-dominant hybrid was its deep purple color. With just a glance it leaped out at me among jar after jar of bright-green buds. I instantly knew this beauty was a must have.

Grape Skunk by the numbers: $13/gram, $250/ounce at Lotus Medical, 1444 Wazee St. in Denver

Yes, I like getting out of the house. Yes, I like doing real things, reading books, crocheting and just generally living my life. But I also really like Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and I’m not going to pretend I don’t look forward to sitting on the couch and enjoying the boob tube. I tend to binge-watch television shows, so it’s refreshing to instead have a steady date, one I can look forward to seeing only once a week. Afterwards I usually want to replay the episode and watch it again — but that’s good television for you.

So, the Grape Skunk. Although the buds weren’t super dense, that’s not a bad thing necessarily. After a spin in my grinder it had broken up pretty fluffy. It smelled … well, like weed, with nothing in particular standing out for me. Read More…