At Law Schools, a New Crop of Marijuana-Themed Courses

At Law Schools, a New Crop of Marijuana-Themed Courses

The push to legalize recreational marijuana has been a fertile topic of discussion at law schools, which are offering students classes focusing on the legal questions surrounding the loosening of pot laws in several states.

A Vanderbilt University Law School course titled “Marijuana Law and Policy” is among a growing number of law school classes to take on the subject, reports the National Law Journal.

“For most students, this is an inherently interesting topic,” Vanderbilt law professor Robert Mikos, who is teaching the class, told NLJ. “They read about it in the media all the time, and so many are curious about it. As more states confront this issue, the interest will only grow.”

The course description promises “an in-depth look at the competing approaches to regulating marijuana, the rationales behind these approaches, and where legal authority resides for choosing among them.”

Other courses are cropping up too, reports NLJ: Read More…